Cécile, 40, mother of 3.

Fanny, 37, mother of 4.

Auguste, Fanny, Constance and Côme.

Louise, 10, eats by herself (or with her friends?), while her mother takes care of her 3 siblings.

Quick dressing of Laurène, 5, by Marika mother of 3.

According to a survey made in 2013, women spend 15 minutes a day on make up. 15 minutes to find in an already busy schedule.

Cécile, Deputy CEO and Chief Operation Officer of Asset Management of a big insurance company.

Marika, Director of the Jewelry Branch of a luxury company.

Fanny, Head of Risk Management of an investment bank.

According to the INSEE in 2008, women represented only 17% of top executives in French companies.

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