Cécile, 40, mother of 3.

Fanny, 37, mother of 4.

Auguste, Fanny, Constance and Côme.

Quick dressing of Laurène, 5, by Marika mother of 3.

Louise, 10, eats by herself (or with her friends?), while her mother takes care of her 3 siblings.

According to a survey made in 2013, women spend 15 minutes a day on make up. 15 minutes to find in an already busy schedule.

Cécile, Deputy CEO and Chief Operation Officer of Asset Management of a big insurance company.

Marika, Director of the Jewelry Branch of a luxury company.

Fanny, Head of Risk Management of an investment bank.

According to the INSEE in 2008, women represented only 17% of top executives in French companies.

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