Inside a huge lamp

Old cast iron box used below sidewalks to connect electric cables

Pendulum meter, 1906. The timer of the meter is actuated by the differential between a constant pendulum animated by a clock system and a pendulum which varies according to the consumption.

Voltmeter for substation command, beginning of XXth century

Meters for substation command, on marble.

Firefighting equipment for substations

Firefighting equipment for substations

Gas meter, 1914.

Compression of reformed gas meters

Security signs on power transformer

Command panel for substation

Command panel for 12000 Volts substation,(1910-1920).

Bulb for lighthouse, Mazda 115V 10kW

12 Ohm neutral resistor for 225/20 KV tranformer

Wastes from repairs made in MEGE ;)

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