Victoria Harbour near West Kowloon. Highly polluted air due to industrial activity, yet beauty of cranes responding to colourful buildings behind. Hong Kong is the third most important container harbour in the world. 

ICC Tower near the brand new Kowloon park. The highest building in Hong Kong, a symbol of immoderation, yet a place below which elderly people come practise Tai Chi.

Swimming pool on top of W Hotel. Hong Kong is the third most important stock exchange in the world.

Extreme density of population, 6500 inhabitants per square meter, old but very expensive housing, yet fluidity of transportation and cohabitation amongst people. 

Double culture

Traditional market, Wan Chai

Urban, dense landscape, which sometimes comes together as a cubist painting.

Or as a naive, colored, contrasted painting.

Seemingly unreal city with its colored buildings, yet a city of labour, for children as well, as school is a very important matter.

Nature is never far away though. Sheck O.

Sea is everywhere, (food, economic activity, transportation)and through it a certain connection to nature, allowing people to escape somehow extreme urbanisation. Kowloon Park.

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