Céline Alson is a French documentary photographer, based in Versailles, near Paris, France. 
After a rewarding traditional career, she decided to live her passion and work as a photographer. 
She is concerned with western society's issues. Committed to the cause of women, she is currently portraying successful executive women both in the workplace and at home with their large families.
She is also leading a long-term project on the architectural traces of the White Rush in the Alpine valleys and their future evolution with climate change.
Working as a photographer, she now enjoys having time to observe the overlooked, to wait for the right moment, to meet people she has never encountered before; all while aiming to capture the beauty of it all.
Céline Alson is also a mother of three boys, and a graduate of Centrale-Supelec, the Warwick Business School (MBA), and Speos Photographic Institute.
She used to work (as Céline Salon) at Enedis (ex-ERDF, EDF Group) where she occupied various executive positions.
" I wish to share my photographic stories in magazines and exhibitions. 
With my past experience in industry, I would also be pleased to lead your corporate photography projects : portraits or reportage."

celine.alson@gmail.com    Facebook    Instagram
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